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We focus on strictly the best of the best in custom one of a kind bicycles. While we can use other framebuilders, Passoni stands alone in their focus on excellence. We feature custom bicycles designed by Kevin Saunders with frames manufactured by Passoni


A collection of custom bicycles that are delighting their owners.

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Over the years, Kevin Saunders' philosophy to find a rider's true position and then build a one of a kind masterpiece has held steady as trends in the cycling industry change by the seasons. 


Kevin's experience, from full-time bicycle racer to an education focused on anatomy, to a former career as an aerospace industrial designer has given him a unique insight into the cycling world. This knowledge and care for clients' well being started KGS Custom Bicycles and those few who chose to want a bicycle at this level benefit greatly. 

This atelier exists to support the cyclists who feel that they are worth more than a bargain bike. The quality of life and the length of time that they spend on the bike as it continues to deliver performance and enjoyment for many years, makes the price less important than the value delivered.


We constantly focus on value and believe the custom bicycle is one of the best investments in health and well being that one can make in today's diverse cycling market.


Fit systems allow a bike shop to sell you a bike off the floor with minimum compromises. Because you have to adapt, it is more important than you. We want to flip the equation and create a bicycle that is designed for you from the ground up. 


You won't see just anyone on one of these machines and many people who get them don't brag about it, but do feel that sense of enjoyment and wonderment every time they ride. 


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