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Ilene Kramer Testimonial (Part1)

Ilene Kramer Testimonial (Part2)

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Testimonial, Robbie Wade, Professional Triathlete

Robbie Wade, Pro Triathlete, at speed on the inaugural ride of his bike. Read about Pro Triathlete Robbie Wade as he learns of the way we do things and then orders and takes delivery of his new KGS / Parlee TT bike. Read more about Testimonial, Robbie Wade, Professional Triathlete

Testimonial, Guillermo Mascarenas

Guillermo Mascarenas with his KGS / Passoni Guillermo Mascarenas and his wife bought two KGS / Parlees and came back with two friends to commission KGS / Passoni custom bicycles. Read more about Testimonial, Guillermo Mascarenas

Kristin Madl

I have never considered myself a "cyclist."  I have never really considered myself a "triathlete" either.  I just "participate in triathlons."  As much as I loved the sport, I was so frustrated that I would be passed by countless women during the bike segment.  People told me about the importance of getting a good tri bike, and they all emphasized how important the fit was.  But when I got my first tri bike back in December I just got a very basic fit at a local bike shop, that didn't seem to have much in the way of personalization.   Read more about Kristin Madl

Testimonial from Jeff Etessam

Jeff Ettesam Kirklee as a FrameUp I get lots of letters of appreciation from folks who like the fact that I buck the status quo and think outside the box. Here is an email plus a testimonial I received today from my friend Jeff Etessam in Dallas. Thanks Jeff! Read more about Testimonial from Jeff Etessam

Dina Pang-Smith

I wanted to thank you for the amazing bike fitting at KGS. I've always known a proper fitting was important. I searched all over SA before finding KGS. The price tag was a little steep but worth every last penny. It was all I wanted from a fitting and more. I have been fitted before by many bike stores but none compare to KGS. Read more about Dina Pang-Smith

Kim Fredenburg

Kevin was very attentive throughout the entire process - from the fitting, to designing the bike specs and then delivery and making sure the bike worked for me. His idea of "customer service" is the best. He was available anytime I needed to ask a question or get more information. Read more about Kim Fredenburg

John Whittington

Kevin has been very responsive to any questions along the way. I can't recommend him highly enough. I'm sure it wont be long before another bike is calling my name and I will visit San Antonio and Kevin. Read more about John Whittington

Paulo Pontes

I can tell you folks from US that the experience was OUTSTANDING, myself and Kevin interacted for hours deciding about the Bike geometry and components. Read more about Paulo Pontes

Tom Ellis

I'm riding at 2-3 MPH more than before, able to drive up the climbs and recover faster at the top, and jump and sprint to a higher speed than ever before, even during my racing days. Best of all, I get more out of a 90 minute workout now than I ever imagined possible. Read more about Tom Ellis

Regina Renfro

Kevin's attention to detail is unparalleled and being the consummate "gear authority" and exceptionally intelligent, he will figure out what ails you in your current fit, will design a bike that will be "yours' and will last a lifetime of wonderful rides. Read more about Regina Renfro

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