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The market for our premium custom bicycles is a global one, and is a small niche comprised of people who want the very best and are willing to come to... Read more about What’s new at KGS Custom Bicycles?
Google Insights for Search - Web Search Interest: dell - Worldwide, 2010 Social CRM Pioneers | Google Groups Synergy - Download - Synergy Dell Makes ... Read more about Links for 2011-09-19 []
At KGS Custom Bicycles, the summer is the slowest time of the year. We don’t have a big repair department since most of our clientele hails from... Read more about Too hot to ride? Commission a Custom Bicycle for the fall!
I constantly am asked if I can help folks remotely with their bicycle setup.... Read more about Find your own Tri bike setup like a pro
Since I added a post on the way to find your tri bike setup, I am now working on my program to help you define your road bike setup.... Read more about Find your Road Bike Setup like a Pro
During the 2010 Winter Olympics I saw Apolo Anton Ohno capture a silver medal which puts him in some pretty good company with Bonnie Blair and Eric He... Read more about What I learned about bicycle positioning from a speed skater
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