Co-Motion Custom Java Tandem

Tandems are cool; Tandems are awful. It appears that there is no gray in one's perspective on tandems. At KGS Bikes, we think tandems are way cool. Kevin and his wife Toni have had tandems for almost 20 years. The ability to have two people with very different strengths ride together is made possible with a tandem. With good tandeming technique, we feel that anyone can enjoy the art of double riding.

Co-Motion Tandems and KGS Bikes

We recently became an authorized CoMotion dealer, and can now offer the fine CoMotion brand of tandems and other awesome bikes to South Texas and everywhere else, thanks to the internet. This gallery shows our first CoMotion, a custom fillet brazed steel frame called the Java. The bike is so awesome that we still ride it, and while we are offering it for sale it is a fine demonstrator of the excellent workmanship that is CoMotion.

The pictures in this gallery were taken in early 2006, and highlight a recent upgrade to a WoundUp carbon fork, Campagnolo Record gearchangers, FSA Team Issue tandem cranks, and Rolf Prima Vigor tandem wheels. Note the Brooks Team Pro saddles. They are sooooo comfortable!

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