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Applying custom chainstay protector. Photo: Greg Harrison Do you have a technical question? How about a basic question? What about something in between? This is the entire collection of questions and answers from the Ask Kevin section of the KGS Bikes Ezine, "Perfectly Fit".

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Gee Li

I had a question on what you think is better? A wireless or wired power system. Read more about Gee Li


I just got a new bike with Nokon cables and after the second ride the gears don't shift well. Read more about John


I recently read that you endorse tubular tires over clinchers, even for everyday training. Read more about Fred


I am about to order a new triathlon bike and I want to use Campy 11 speed so my wheels will interchange with my road bike. Read more about John


I have Zipp 404 ZedTech wheels and love them. Well, not completely. I love the way they look and people compliment me on them all the time as I got the custom decals that match my bike. Read more about George


I am at the end of my rope! I have Zipp 808 wheels and I can't ever pump up the tires without air leaking out of the valve stem extension. Read more about Michelle


Great question. The answer is yes. We designed a full suspension custom mountain bike for a client that had both road 700 wheels and mountain 26" wheels. Read more about PJ


I got a snakebite flat on the front tire during the Longhorn 70.3 triathlon. I need new wheels and heard that tubular tires don't get snakebite flats. Read more about Jake


I ordered some new Zipp wheels from a discounter online. I got a great price but when I received the wheels and mounted the tires, they won't hold air. Read more about Mike


I just got my new Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality trainer. The problem is, it doesn't work. Read more about Erin

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