KGS Bikes Remote Positioning System

We Guarantee You a Perfect Fit Custom Bike-- Without Leaving the House

The process of finding a perfectly customized bike ranges from frustrating to impossible. You want to improve performance and get a great value, but sometimes it feels like running head-on into a brick wall. Not anymore!

A New Custom Bike Experience.  

KGS Bikes has had clients fly in from every continent, seeking out our expertise to design a bicycle that is a life-long investment and companion. But what if you don't have the time or energy to fly to Texas and get a custom bike designed for you?  

This has been many people's problem for years.  

After all, most of us can barely find time to ride-- much less travel to a different state or country to get a custom bike designed. Now, however, all that has CHANGED.  

Welcome to the future of custom bikes. 

Don't believe us? Parlee Cycles thinks you should.

We have been doing business with KGS Bikes for almost four years and have seen some incredible success with his ability to find a great position for people. At first we were surprised at the different geometries that Kevin specified, but since 100% of his designs have been embraced by the customer we are now a believer. Kevin truly knows the process of designing a bike around an individual no matter what their size. His knowledge of balance and structures as well as anatomy and manufacturing make a combination that is unprecedented in the industry. - Bob Parlee, Parlee Cycles

Bob and Isabel Parlee With our brand new remote positioning system, all it takes is a little time and focus with our help and you get a perfectly positioned custom or semi-custom bike. It's easy, fun and you will learn a lot about why your position is important.

This new process guarantees you will get positioning designed perfectly to the requirements of YOUR body, making your bike 100% uniquely engineered and built for you. Intrigued? 

Get your personalized KGS Pro Setup Kit either for ROAD or TRIATHLON.

If you would like to skip documenting your current setup because you plan on meeting Kevin in person to get your position defined please fill out this Custom Bicycle Information Form.

I immediately felt all the things he had been telling me about. First of all, the bike fit me like a glove. It was completely comfortable in every aspect. I can ride it for 6 hours and be completely comfortable. Plus, the performance, handling and responsiveness of the bike is perfect in my mind. - Kim Fredenburg

Here's how it works.

This new system can easily be used to document your position on any bicycle. After analyzing the information, KGS will consult with you from anywhere in the world and help you choose a new frame with confidence. Offering both custom and semi-custom frame solutions, we guarantee you a perfect fit on a frame that will perform for a lifetime

To get started, the first thing you will need is professional documentation of your current setup. Our KGS Pro Setup Kit will show you the right tools for the job and then lead you step by step though measuring each critical dimension the KGS way. We have detailed instructions and free, great support so you will have confidence in the measurement of your bike and the added benefit of learning how bike setups are defined.  

The importance of knowing your setup cannot be overstated. Rather than knowing just your top tube length and saddle height, we will help you fully define your bike so you know the exact specifications. There are countless stories of people having difficulty in finding a new bike to replace a lost, stolen, or crashed bicycle because they didn't have their setup.  

The Best Part?

I have seen a remarkable increase in comfort--no more neck or back problems, better breathing, less leg fatigue. Better yet has been the increase in overall power--I'm riding at 2-3 MPH more than before, able to drive up the climbs and recover faster at the top, and jump and sprint to a higher speed than ever before, even during my racing days. Best of all, I get more out of a 90 minute workout now than I ever imagined possible. - Tom Ellis

TT Head on view The KGS Pro Setup Kit is priced at $29.95. This opportunity is available to the entire world, but you will get the KGS Pro Setup Kit free. That's right, there's no cost to you! 

What are you waiting for? Get your personalized KGS Pro Setup Kit Click for ROAD or TRIATHLON bikes.

If you would like to skip documenting your current setup because you plan on meeting Kevin in person to get your position defined please fill out this Custom Bicycle Information Form.

What do you actually get with the KGS Pro Setup Kit?

See for yourself.  

  • Educational videos demonstrating each step of defining your setup.
  • Fundamental concepts of bike positioning from our BalancePoint(tm) positioning system.
  • Our KGS Home Setup PDF form for you to fill out, print, and submit to KGS Bikes. The information is then used to create your semi-custom or custom dream bike.
  • Offsite backup - By sending us your setup, you never again have to worry about losing it. We will keep a copy on our secure server and we will even keep revisions if you find your setup has changed.
  • Support - We will provide free phone and email support to help you define your setup with confidence.
  • Future bikes - This data is what we use to work with you in designing a new bike. You can use it yourself to see what bikes will work or not-- or you can get personalized consultation from Kevin Saunders, the world's premiere positioning expert. 

What if you're serious . . . ?

Back aches, fatigue - these were my chronic symptoms before getting the right fit. To anyone who is considering cycling, I strongly advise you to book a precise fitting at KGS Bikes. It is well worth it. I am now self-sustaining, and have grown in the various facets of cycling and overall health. - Jose Domondon

The Pro Setup Kit's price is taken out of the price of your KGS Pro Remote Consultation or BalancePoint™ Positioning.  

What's next? Instead of being limited to the options of a seat tube size or a top tube length for your new frame, what if you had one of the best positioning experts in the industry to help you choose a frame? Using the data from the KGS Pro Setup Kit, Kevin Saunders can consult with you one-on-one to design a new bike based on a custom frame or our Parlee Semi Custom frames. If you came to San Antonio for our BalancePoint™ positioning system it would cost $375, but our KGS Pro Remote consultation is $175.  

After we get your positioning data from the KGS Pro Setup Kit and purchase the Pro Remote Consultation, Kevin will discuss what you like and dislike about your position and will create a CAD drawing of your new bike using the specifications from the Parlee Semi Custom frames (Z4, Z5 and TT). The improvements in position are based on years of research and experience which developed the BalancePoint™ Positioning System. 

Let's face it, most of the time the traditional way of buying a bike just doesn't work well.

You go in, see a bike that you like and the bike shop does their best to make it fit. It's hit or miss and you often times have to buy many new components to make it work. Even then, the bike still may not really fit but you have spent your hard earned money by then! 

The traditional online system of body measurements doesn't work much better.

Why is this? People are all unique even though their basic body measurements may be definable. Fortunately, there is a better way to buy a bike: the KGS way!

There are only three places you interface with a bike: the pedals, saddle and handlebars. The location of these three items will either make your ride a dream bike or a dog!  No matter how many other measurements we take, you still have these three points to deal with. This is why we have to have a starting place, which is your current setup.

After we know what your bike looks like, we can determine an incredible amount of information on the way you fit that setup based on a simple yet comprehensive consulting interview.

Here are some of the things we will discuss: 

  • Do you have discomfort in your knees?
  • Is the saddle comfortable? If not, what part, front or back?
  • Does your back hurt after a while in the saddle?
  • Does your neck hurt?
  • Do you get trigger points and discomfort between your shoulder blades?
  • Do your hands go numb?
  • Can you ride in the drops, or if a triathlete, can you stay in the aerobars the whole event?
  • Can you see without difficulty or do you have to drop your head?
  • Do you pedal toe-down or heel-down?
  • Can you take your hands off the handlebars without feeling like you are "falling" forward when going at speed?

Z5 Parlee By taking the answers to these questions and analyzing the setup numbers, Kevin can accurately predict what changes need to occur in your new bike to make it better. We then draw the new bike in CAD so we can not only determine the proper size but define thinks like seat post setback and stem length. We even know how many headset spacers to use! 

The season is upon us. Don't wait another minute to change your cycling experience for the better.

Kevin is a true innovator and has revolutionized the custom bicycle design process with his BalancePoint™ system. By applying those principles to our FlexFit™ frames,we believe that KGS Bikes will be able to offer a positioning service that will revolutionize the way bikes are purchased. Rather than simply relying on specifications published by a manufacturer, Kevin can expertly interpret a cyclists position. This helps to choose not only a FlexFit™ frame but all the rest of the components to design a real semi custom bicycle that works better than the huge bike manufacturer's offerings. - Bob Parlee, Parlee Cycles

Semi Custom Parlee bike frames are available now! Get your personalized KGS Pro Setup Kit Click for ROAD or TRIATHLON bikes.TT Semi Custom Parlee

If you would like to skip documenting your current setup because you plan on meeting Kevin in person to get your position defined please fill out this Custom Bicycle Information Form.

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