Jamie Happy on a bike. Photo, Kevin SaundersOne of the nicest things about custom bicycles is, there are no "women's" bikes or "men's" bikes, just your own personal bicycle. Are you 4'6"? How about 6'? Either way, the process is the same. You are treated as an individual, with respect. We help you determine for yourself what is the best combination of everything. 

My role with you is to help you get as quickly as possible to the more important things like color and style of the frame and paint scheme. We have created pearl pink to turquoise stone patterned bicycles and everything in between. 

My mother told me one time about marriage, "Think about it. It's for life!" In this case, a bicycle does last a very long time and you have the freedom to think about it. In fact, part of the process is to help educate you so every question you have is a good one. You are empowered by knowledge and this builds competency and confidence. 

We work with every level of rider with equal effort, our best. Every person who rides a bicycle wants to be more comfortable, confident and safe. As Rosie the Riveter would say to you, "You can do it!"


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