Donna after optimizing her position Triathletes as a group are successful, driven and work very hard to gain a competitive edge in all three disciplines of their sport. They run with the fast runners, swim with the fast swimmers, but many triathletes struggle when trying to excel with the bike leg. Whether it is a lack of knowledge, experience or resources, triathletes who enter the sport from running or swimming have a lot to learn.

Fortunately, triathletes have much gain by optimizing the bike. They can improve their position on the bike and learn specific cycling techniques that improve efficiency, speed and safety. We all know that the bike leg is the longest of the three events within a triathlon and the bike leg impacts the run as well.

The goal of KGS Bikes is to help you get through the bike leg faster, with more energy to do a stellar run as well. This not only improves your finishing time but the enjoyment of the race as well as suffering through effort is not the same as suffering through an agonizing bike fit.

If you are a beginning triathlete, we can start you down the path with the best chance of success. You will waste less time and money by getting the right equipment the first time.

Advanced triathletes, even pros, will benefit greatly from the increased power and comfort that a KGS custom triathlon bicycle can provide. The fact is, most people have never been comfortable on a bicycle and don't know what their potential is. Now you can reach yours.

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