Toni at HotternHell 100 The recreational rider is in the largest group of cyclists by far. If cycling is The Fountain of Youth, this group is the biggest beneficiary.

Having a Life Changing Bike Fitting Experience

If you are a recreational rider, you are the one most interested in the cycling experience. Let's face it. Cycling takes time and time away from family and business is very expensive.

Many people find that a stock bike is a commodity that should be purchased as cheaply as possible within a price point. A KGS bicycle is not a commodity. Your custom bicycle designed around you, like the driver's seat of a Formula 1 racecar, is an investment in your youthful, active lifestyle.

We have huge success in making bike racers and triathletes faster, more efficient and more comfortable and design bikes that are balanced so well that subtle bike handling technique is rewarded with great feedback and control. The one thing that our friends appreciate the most, however, is the improvement of the cycling experience, sometimes by orders of magnitude.

There is a reason that so many of our friends describe these bicycle as "life changing". They are.

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