Over 40

Ian Hibell, 1934-2008, photo: backintheworldThe Benefits of Cycling as The Fountain of Youth

We say it all the time, "Cycling is the Fountain of Youth!" It's amazing what cycling does to keep you young and how many people are discovering the long term benefits.

The biggest benefit is the ability to safely exercise with intensity and be able to recover. Recovery is one of the things that starts becoming much more difficult by late 30's. I

It seems that 40 is about the time that many folks discover KGS Bikes. Around this time, your ability to tolerate a bike that doesn't really fit you but used to seem comfortable. Additionally you have enough life experience to appreciate things that are crafted by hand to a very high level of excellence. The most important thing is, your time is more valuable now and wasting time is as bad as wasting money.

We see many people that have turned their lives around with a custom bicycle that totally transormed their cycling experience. This level of technology is available to you, right now.

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