Clydesdale, Photo: eightylbsKnowing Large Bicycle Riders

Large bicyclists have different balance points than others and because of their weight and strength, can over stress the wrong components.

Kevin is a confirmed Clydesdale class cyclist and as a former track sprinter, knows how to test equipment that can be safe for the big and powerful.

In fact, he has struggled with weight all his life, like so many of us. As a frame of reference, Kevin wieghed 165 lbs as a Cat 2 road racer, 175 lbs as a track sprinter and as much as 275 lbs while holding down a "real" job. 

He had to deal with the transition from 700 mile training weeks to a total sedentary lifestyle and back on the bike to help get fit and leaner.

This knowledge is invaluable to you as the differences are real in designing a bike for "one of us".


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