Imperfect. Photo: Mariesha We subscribe to the premise that many high end stock bikes are designed for young professional bike racers and then marketed to the people who can afford them. The problem is, most of us are over 40, meaning lots of physiological changes have happened due to aging and the riding position needed for true comfort and reduction of injury cannot be attained in a stock bike.

Types of Injured Riders

There are two types of injured riders, those who develop an injury from bad positioning and those who were injured elsewhere and have trouble adapting to a bicycle. The approach to each of these types is the same, however.

  • We assess each individual individually.
  • Sometimes more than one physical issue is occuring. We look at each issue independently and together to see if correcting the bicycle position will cause the issue to resolve.
  • Our fitting system allows such detailed accuracy that we can solve more physical problems, more of the time. Since we are all human, sometimes a bicycle position change must be imposed gradually and almost always there is an adapation period. The good news is, we have great success because in all cases, we are moving from a "less natural" to "more natural" position. The body tends to adapt very quickly to such a change.

Designing for Physical Issues

Simply put, injured riders have a much smaller window of acceptability regarding bike position. We recognize this and since we can design a frame in a unique geometry for any rider, we can do what many others have considered impossible.

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