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Travel Bicycle

Travel bikes, or bicycles with couplers allowing the frame to break down, have been around for years. Our view of travel bikes was, they needed to be a true high performance road, mountain or triathlon bike and they also needed the ability to be packed or unpacked in 15 minutes.

Kevin Saunders designed the KGS stem with an S&S coupler in it. This eliminates the difficulty of removing the handlebars, the chance of losing small parts or breaking something. Along with some other cool parts, the Zinn travel bike was transformed into a machine that truly could be packed or unpacked in 15 minutes, complete with frame padding. The KGS/Zinn custom travel bike does all this and is designed totally around you.

The gallery above shows some representative bicycles we have designed and created. There are also many pictures in our Galleries section. Please contact us below with your ideas and we can make this your best cycling year ever.

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