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The Beauty of a Custom Touring Bike

We liken touring bikes to the Mack Trucks of cycling. The frames are designed to carry not only the rider, but up to 60 lbs of gear as well. Not only that, but the bicycles need to take punishing abuse without a whimper and be just as comfortable at 60 MPG going down a mountain pass as they are on flat ground, all fully loaded!

The needs of the tourist are to be balanced on the bike at an endurance pace, not a fast club ride or a race pace. The shifters should be able to work no matter the load, the tires should not get pinch flats and broken spokes should not be a normal occurrance.

We think touring bikes are incredibly cool and can outfit a custom machine with the best equipment out there.

The gallery above shows some representative bicycles we have designed and created. There are also many pictures in our Galleries section. Please contact us below with your ideas and we can make this your best cycling year ever.

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