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It seems that if you like tandems you love them. There is something wonderful about a bicycle that is not only very fast but so rewarding to teams who work together. A whole unspoken language develops between captain and stoker and the tandem experience then really gets good!

Making Your Custom Tandem the Best Experience Possible

The setups used on a tandem emulate those for road, time trial, touring, track and we use the combined knowledge of the design requirements for single bikes and the added ability to make a tandem handle the way you want it.

We have the ability to find the perfect setup for both stoker and captain and then build the bike around you both. The results are incredible.

Since twice as many things are happening on a tandem, we also work hard to help improve tandem handling skills and communication so both riders have a great time and have confidence in the bike and their team.

The gallery above shows some representative bicycles we have designed and created. There are also many pictures in our Galleries section. Please contact us below with your ideas and we can make this your best cycling year ever.

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