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The vast majority of bicycles that we create are high performance road bikes. We don't specifically use the term, "racing bikes" as you don't have to race to appreciate a bike that could be raced!

Building the Perfect Custom Road Bike

There are many ways a road bike can be fine tuned, however, and we have many friends that have more than one road bike for different conditions. A bike designed for intense, hard training that includes lots of sprints and hill attacks will be built much differently than an all-out hill climbing machine.

Some bicycles are just fine with a factory paint job and some need our best custom work that we reserve for our master painter, Dave Sem at Sem Custom Paint. These are complicated projects that take a long time but produce a true, unique, work of art that you can ride every day.

Whatever the purpose, we will define it with you to create the perfect bicycle for the job as well has the perfect match to your body. It's a fun job for us and you are rewarded with an incredible ride every time you go out on the road.

The gallery above shows some representative bicycles we have designed and created. There are also many pictures in our Galleries section. Please contact us below with your ideas and we can make this your best cycling year ever.

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