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Fixed Gear

The fixed gear bicycle, or "fixie" as it is also known, has made a huge resurgence. Two types of fixed gear bikes exist, those designed specifically as track bikes that may or may not have a front brake, and those designed for riding on the road, with a fixed gear. These will either have one or two brakes.

Why a Fixed Gear Bike?

A track bike ridden on the road is going to be a rough riding, twitchy, uncomfortable machine. On the other hand, a road fixie won't handle too well on the track, either.

Any way you slice it, we have the ability to create a very cool fixed gear bicycle that will help you re-experience the joy of riding a bike with one gear. Your gearing decisions are done one time, before you start and then it is what it is.

Fixed gear bikes are highly recommended for people who want to dramatically improve their pedaling, get great high intensity workouts in a fraction of the time and to know what it must have felt like to ride fixed gear bikes in early 20th century road races.

The gallery above shows some representative bicycles we have designed and created. There are also many pictures in our Galleries section. Please contact us below with your ideas and we can make this your best cycling year ever.

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