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Bicycle Fitting Philosophy

Our philosophy at KGS Bikes regarding bicycle fitting is simple.

  • Ride a bike while balancing muscle groups and one's self.
  • Stay on the balance point of the bicycle so the legs and core provide the structural support, freeing up the arms to steer and shift the bike.
  • Use a position on the bike where all muscle groups are operating in their most efficient and comfortable angles.

The Difficulties of Bicycle Fitting

While this concept is simple, adapting a human to a bicycle, a manufactured machine, is extraordinarily difficult. The variables include, but are not limited to: size, age, leanness, flexibility, fitness, type of event, and of course, injury.

We have found that the body will tell us where to locate the saddle and handlebars, if we just allow it to do so and listen to it as well. By carefully working with the rider to find the exact locations of these components, a bicycle can be built that truly is an exstension of one's body.

Do you own the bike, or does it own you?

Do you own the bike I get calls every week asking if I can "fit" someone to their bike. This is the way most people view the process in my opinion. They may not even own the bicycle yet, as they may see one in a bike shop, read about it in a magazine or be exposed to advertising and marketing. Read more about Do you own the bike, or does it own you?

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