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Redefining Bike Fitting by Perfecting Bike Positioning

KGS Bikes is the premiere bicycle design boutique in the world. We have a unique approach to the bicycling lifestyle, by designing a bicycle around an individual based on dynamic balance points. As we age, particularly after about 35-40, our bodies lose the ability to tolerate a less than perfect position. It is now possible to have a bicycle designed for you, whether it is a road, triathlon, mountain, track bike, or tandem.
While you may not have the same position on a bike as Lance Armstrong, you do have a balance point and a perfect position. Using our BalancePoint™ Positioning System, we find the point of perfect biomechanical balance at the same power level you require for the type of bicycle riding you do. A triathlete will have a different positional requirement than a bicycle tourist or a bike racer. All have a perfect position that is attainable on our infinitely adjustable setup bike.

Paulo On Setup Bike
The benefits from a custom bicycle designed this way are so profound that people fly in from the world over to San Antonio. A bicycle like this will last so long and perform so well that the effort required to make a onetime trip is worth it. The reason for this is simple; you need to take an active part of the positioning process and spend up to three hours on the KGS Bikes Setup Bike. After this, we have the data that is necessary to design a perfect bicycle around you. In fact, we can than work remotely, no matter where you are, to continue to serve you in creating bicycles for every purpose.

Figure 1 shows our client Paulo Pontes as he is finishing up the positioning session, where he now knows where his maximum comfort, power and efficiency can be generated. We start at the pedals and move up, then forward, to fully define every aspect of a rider's bicycle position. When we are finished, the rider is perfectly balanced, fore and aft, plus is comfortable in a position that will allow the generation of maximum power with minimum effort.

Paulo's Setup
This data is recorded on the setup form shown in Figure 2. The setup form completely defines one's position so it can be applied to a bicycle that is capable of placing the saddle and handlebars in the correct position. While it is true that there are only three interface points between the bike and the rider, completely defining those points is a little more complicated. For instance, there are at least three hand positions on a road bike, and only one important one in the aerobars on a tri bike. The saddles in both cases need to be defined regarding brand, location and angle. Proper crank length needs to be determined as well as cleat adjustments.

Paulo's CAD drawing of his bike
Now that we have this data, we then draw your bicycle in CAD so we can design the one-of-a-kind frame. Figure 3 shows the actual CAD drawing of Paulo's KGS/Parlee Z1 with the saddle and handlebars locked in space. The bicycle handling characteristics are then defined based on the role of the bike and the needs of the rider. This bicycle was designed to be an efficient climber in the mountains and at the same time be stable for high speed mountain road descents.
KGS Bikes has relationships with a number of the world's best custom bicycle frame builders who are able to take the frame designs we create and build a frame to those specific dimensions. They trust our data and we trust their ability to work with the data as well as to work as a team if a manufacturing limitation requires a design change.
Paulo's KGS / Parlee Z1
When the frame is built to our specifications, it is shipped back to KGS Bikes where we then build the bike to the engineering drawings that we created to design the frame. All of the components that we use to build the bike had been defined in the CAD drawing, so we can be very precise in the setup of the bike when it is built. Figure 4 shows Paulo's completed KGS/Parlee Z1 bicycle when we finished building it. The bike was photographed and then shipped to Brazil, and Paulo is thrilled with the outcome.
Figure 5 shows the end result of a triathlon bike that we created for Julie Mosier Crosno of Houston TX. She went through the same process and has now significantly improved her performance in triathlon.
Julie's KGS / Parlee Custom Tri Bike
Our clients tend to be discriminating and take pride in doing things right the first time. They recognize long-term value and as such are quite concerned about the economies of a great bike that serves for many years as opposed to lesser bikes that are replaced more frequently. Additionally, they use cycling to improve their professional life, to focus better, to think faster and to remain competitive. We help athletes in other sports as well, improving their game as they improve fitness, ability to train harder and recover faster. This includes a focus on motor sports.

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