Why Custom?

Why Choose a Custom Bike Frame?Custom Hands

When you can buy many bicycles online or at a local bike shop, the question you ask yourself is, "Why buy a custom KGS Bicycle?"

People come from all over the world to KGS Bikes to get their custom bike done right. KGS Bikes has developed a unique BalancePoint™ positioning system that allows us to design a custom bicycle that fits the owner like a second skin and leads to incredible comfort and performance improvements.


There are many more reasons, and here are a few:

  • We focus on "friends for life" by getting to know the actual needs of our clients and can therefore recommend products specifically for them, based on this long-term relationship.
  • We have over 25 years of study in bicycle fit and positioning..
  • We have knowledge of what goes into great components and frames. This is built on Kevin Saunders' experience in industrial design and structural engineering, plus high accountability manufacturing.
  • KGS Bikes business model serves a niche where we can perform flawlessly and we let others sell commodity products.
  • We want to educate our friends so they understand why they are choosing a particular product. We then work very hard to provide the best example of that product.
  • We empower our friends by teaching the skills related to choosing products, maintenance and repair, and riding skills.


Check the links on the left for detailed info. The section on "Positioning" describes our BalancePoint™ Bicycle Positioning System and philosophy.

No matter whether you are short or tall, a triathlete or a social rider, a man or a woman, a tourist, racer, or even injured, the "Types of Riders" section has info for you. The most discriminating bicycle owners feel right at home here.

Our "Where you Ride" section highlights the similarities and differences between the different bikes available for different events, from road to triathlon, tandem to tourning.

Would you like to know the difference between a custom $5,000 bicycle and one priced much higher? Check our "Custom Bicycle Levels" section for answers.


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