Maintenance, Repair & Upgrading

Installing Cassette. Photo: Greg Harrison Bicycles need maintenance and repair even at the highest end. We try and educate our clients to be as self sufficient as possible but can maintain or repair your bicycle with the same level of care we used to build it. We have many clients that will not let anyone else touch their bicycle and we are able to fix anything that breaks. While we are not a high volume repair center we are experts and will work hard for our friends. We have been known to come in early or late to meet a client, or to work with a remote store to make sure our friends are happy.

We will also travel to pick up, deliver, repair or do whatever your bicycle needs. We have a day rate and are happy to drop everything in an emergency!

Our rates for maintenance and repair are listed below:

Current Bike Labor, per hour $ 150.00  Day Rate - labor, bicycle delivery, etc., plus expenses $1,500.00  

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