Just what you need to define your setup

More and more people are inquiring about budget options to get the best fitting bike. With that in mind, KGS bikes is now offeringFrame-Up Picture Parlee our new FrameUP™ service in addition to our turn key full custom bike services.  You will still get the absolute best fit for your measurements, but can save money by either using your components or ordering them from online large volume sources.

The setup of the bicycle is defined by the location of the saddle, handlebars and brake levers relative to the bottom bracket. Our FrameUp™ bicycle build service only includes the installation of the seatpost, saddle, headset, spacers, stem, handlebars and levers. Tri bikes include the aerobar location, plus shifters. We also cut the fork steerer tube.

What this means is, we do the "heavy lifting" by using our ability to duplicate the setup exactly from the position we found in the BalancePoint™ positioning session. After this, anyone can build out the rest of the bike with total confidence that it will ride perfectly. Your local bike shop can do the work, or you can!

We do charge two separate prices based on whether we provide the parts. Prices as follows:

FrameUp™ bicycle build service for road bikes:

$375 if KGS Bikes provides the parts

$750 if you provide the parts

FrameUp™ bicycle build service for tri bikes:

$450 if KGS Bikes provides the parts

$900 if you provide the partsParlee Z1 FrameUp


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