Bicycle Technique & Consulting

Donna Triathlon Position. Photo, Kevin Saunders An extension of our fitting services is actual on-the-road cycling consulting. We have a wealth of knowledge that clients have access to, in order to help them become better riders. Here is a partial list of consulting topics that we perform:

  • Claim Your Lane - As cycling advocates we know the dynamics of riding bicycles in urban or rural settings. We have many clients who have asked us to help them become more confident and competent on the road.
  • Cornering and Descending - As many of our recreational clients have found, cornering and descending if done right is both exhilarating and safe. Our techniques help clients overcome fear and improve their skills for all types of riding, both alone and in a group.
  • Climbing - We know that good climing techniques and strategy can make the difference between a successful ride or a bad day. We help clients with position, gear selection and pacing. Hills are relentless so we help clients take control.
  • Pack riding and traffic - We teach safe techniques for drafting, pace lines, placement, wind direction and what to do if one contacts another rider or bicycle. These techniques improve safety and enjoyment and reduce the possibility of crashing.

The rates for our consulting services are as follows:

Consulting, on bike, per hour  $150.00  

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