Bespoke Bicycle Build-up

Bespoke Bicycle Buildup - Parlee Z1 Photo: Kevin Saunders We are fanatical about bike builds. Everything that is associated with a build-up has been researched and perfected. While some dealers can build a bicycle in a few hours, we need between one to two days to do the job right. No detail is left undone and the result is spectacular. All frame mounting surfaces are checked and perfected if need be to allow the components to fit correctly. Threads are lubricated and the saddle and handlebars are located early on as to allow the exact lengths of both the fork steerer tube and the cable runs.

We are experts with Nokon cables and with the difficult cabling requirements of time trial and triathlon bikes. We wrap the handlebars with an inside layer to protect the carbon and to keep the cables intact, then do an incredible job of the outer wrap.

We can photograph each step of the process and then photograph the bicycle in our studio. This allows one to see their bike in a photo album, on the internet or in a large format 16 x 24 print which we offer with our compliments on every new bicycle we sell.

Our day rate for labor is $1,500 and for bike builds we discount it 33%. We know approximately how long it should take us to build a custom bicycle at this level, and we will quote based on your particular combination. Here are some general examples.

KGS / Parlee with Nokons, $1,000
KGS / Parlee TT with Nokons, $1,500-$2,000
KGS / Passoni, $2,000

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