KGS / Passoni Nero Custom Bicycle

Passoni NeroEvolved tradition

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The frame in banded carbon. Simple lines and technology. Light, with high performance.

  • Tubes: Carbon T800, manufactured and printed in Italy. Bottom bracket shell, brake bridge, head set couplings and dropouts in titanium grade 5, CNC
  • machined
  • Front triangle: round tubes, top tube Ø 35 mm, seat tube Ø 31,7 mm, oblique tube Ø 37 mm
  • Rear triangle: round conical vertical blade Ø 20 mm. Oval conical horizontal blade 31x20 mm
  • Bottom bracket shell: titanium grade 5, CNC machined, BSA threading
  • Head tube: integrated conical Ø 45 mm, CNC machined, bearing cups in titanium, bearings 1"1/8
  • Dropouts: Passoni project, titanium grade 5, CNC machined, Ergal replaceable hanger
  • Seat post clamping device: Passoni customized clamp
  • Finishing/Graphics: tubes in titanium glazed by hand; painted carbon tube
  • Colors: Panama Brown, Bronze hybrid, Red Sprint, Great Blue Hole, Blue Eye, Green 13, Orange Jos, Yellow Tour, White Passoni, Pink Vale, Black Smoking, Bordeaux allegro, Ivory Pool, BRG British Racing Green
  • Fork: Columbus Super Muscle customized Passoni

Suitable for:

  • people who prefer a traditional geometry
  • people who love carbon fiber

Passoni Nero Detail 1 Passoni Nero Detail 2

All KGS / Passoni Nero custom bicycles have unlimited options for finish and paint options. Email, call or Skype (kevingsaunders) us with your ideas and we can turn them into reality.


KGS / Passoni Nero Custom Bicycle CAD All KGS Custom Bicycles are designed around your true bicycle position. Our proprietary BalancePoint™ Positioning System is only available in San Antonio, in person. Once we know exactly where the saddle and handlebars are to be located, we draw the entire bicycle in CAD and the frame drawing is sent to Parlee for fabrication. When the frame is completed, we can then build the bike to the drawing and it is perfect.

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