KGS / Cyfac Proxidium Custom Bicycle

The ProxidiumWorkhorse.

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Do NOT be fooled into thinking that a full aluminum frame is harsh. The selection of materials and the skill of the builder determine more with respect to the ride of a frame than anything else. When compared to a mass-produced frame in carbon, the Proxidium still possesses a grace, ride manner, and quality that cannot be rivaled.

Cyfac's Proxidium frameset features the stiffness and lightweight characteristics of aluminum with the comfort, handling, and outstanding quality of a full handmade frameset. Cyfac's proprietary Proxidium aluminum tubing is triple-butted and custom drawn for the ultimate in stiffness, handling, and comfort in a light-weight package. Combined with Columbus' Metal alloy, this is no tin-can-riding frame!

Cyfac riders have raced the Proxidium frame in countless international-level events in the US and Europe. They've put their bodies to the test in 6-hour training rides and 100 mile races; the Elan hasn't let them down. Stunning power-transfer, rock-solid handling, and long-lasting quality sets this frame apart as an amazing value in a hand-made European frame.

Many say that aluminum frames provide a harsh ride. Let the Proxidium prove them wrong.

  • Handcrafted in France's Loire Valley.
  • Road-specific standard geometry.
  • Durable.
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger.
  • Available for 650c-sized wheels.
  • Stiff.
  • Performance-focused.
  • Millennium, Griffe, Ellipse, Mega paint included standard.

For paint options, click here.

All KGS / Cyfac Proxidium custom bicycles have unlimited options for finish and paint options. Email, call or Skype (kevingsaunders) us with your ideas and we can turn them into reality.


KGS / Cyfac Custom Bicycle CAD All KGS Custom Bicycles are designed around your true bicycle position. Our proprietary BalancePoint™ Positioning System is only available in San Antonio, in person. Once we know exactly where the saddle and handlebars are to be located, we draw the entire bicycle in CAD and the frame drawing is sent to Parlee for fabrication. When the frame is completed, we can then build the bike to the drawing and it is perfect.

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