KGS /Cyfac Infini Carbon Custom Bicycle

Cyfac AbsoluThe perfect mating of alloy and carbon for racing

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The INFINI CARBONE sets a new standard for race-ready framesets. Showcasing performance characteristics, the INFINI CARBONE is super reactive, dynamic, stiff, and light. Power transfer and instant feed-back are pronounced. If you want to change your line, accelerate instantaneously, or slice through even the tightest chicane, the INFINI CARBONE will deliver. So, how is this different from other racing frames? One word...Comfort. Forget the performance frame that beats you up and rattles your teeth.

The INFINI CARBONE's clever use of hydro-formed alloy, carbon fibre seat tube, and Double Stay 2 carbon rear triangle make for a frame that has racing at its core yet delivers amazing comfort for long days in the saddle. Aluminum alloy is still the most responsive material available and perfectly-suited to the racing community and those looking for that type of ride. Until now, it's been impossible to reconcile these performance characteristics with a package that doesn't abuse the rider. That changes with the Infini Carbone.

Perfect for the aggressive rider looking to have one frame that does it all, the INFINI CARBONE sits between the NERV CARBON and NERV in terms of performance-based characteristics yet is something akin to the GOTHICA when comfort is the criteria. Available in stock sizes as a FULL CUSTOM CARBON and ALUMINUM frame, the INFINI CARBONE is another Cyfac first.

See the Cyfac Blog for an in-depth look at the Infini Carbone.

  • The Infini Carbone employs the world's most advanced hydro-formed alloy technology, for the top tube, down tube, and head tube. This is mated to the exclusive Double Stay 2 carbon rear * triangle and T800H carbon seat tube for a superlative ride.
  • Performance oriented yet comfortable for all-day saddle time, the Infini Carbone sets a new standard for the peloton.
  • FORKNOX full-carbon fork with 1K carbon weave and full-carbon drop-outs.
  • Replaceable derailleur hanger.
  • Carbon Cages Included.
  • Available for 650c-sized wheels.
  • Cyfac's INFINI CARBON is 100% hand-made in La Fuye, France.
  • For paint options, click here.

All KGS / Cyfac Infini Carbon custom bicycles have unlimited options for finish and paint options. Email, call or Skype (kevingsaunders) us with your ideas and we can turn them into reality.


KGS / Cyfac Custom Bicycle CAD All KGS Custom Bicycles are designed around your true bicycle position. Our proprietary BalancePointâ„¢ Positioning System is only available in San Antonio, in person. Once we know exactly where the saddle and handlebars are to be located, we draw the entire bicycle in CAD and the frame drawing is sent to Parlee for fabrication. When the frame is completed, we can then build the bike to the drawing and it is perfect.

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