KGS / Cyfac Gothica Custom Bicycle

Cyfac GOTHICA Gothic Elegence

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The inspiration behind the Cyfac Gothica is the architecture of the Loire Valley's soaring Gothic cathedrals. The pointed arch, soaring lines, and vaulted shapes resonate in the tube shaping and design attributes of this masterpiece. Using Cyfac's advanced tube-to-tube carbon construction method, the Gothica features the same top quality T800h carbon fibre with 1K weave as our Absolu but uses differently articulated tube profiles for a more comfortable ride. Available with or without our integrated POST seat mast. What's in a carbon frame? In today's cycling, carbon frames are about as common as round wheels. While every manufacturer touts ""sub-900grams"", ""ultra high modulus"", and a myriad of other buzz phrases that highlight too little in terms of ride quality, dynamic handling, and durability, Cyfac has conceived the GOTHICA to stand in category all its own.

The GOTHICA is the fruit of Francis Quillon, Cyfac's founder, and his love for history and architecture. Long an admirer of the cathedrals peppered throughout Cyfac's Loire Valley home, Monsieur Quillon marveled at the flying buttresses, pointed arches, and ogive shapes characterising Gothic architecture. The GOTHICA frameset honors this same spirit, attention-to-detail, master craftsmanship, and avant-garde construction.

Using the most-advanced carbon fiber available, Toray 800H, paired with the world's leading 1K fine-braid carbon fiber weave, Cyfac scrimps on no detail in the design, fabrication, and finish of the Gothica. The industry standard is 1 layer of carbon weave at joint intersections. Cyfac uses 3. IM carbon fiber tube sections receive a layer of Kevlar-weave support at all tube junctions. A second layer of multi-directional carbon fiber is applied to ellicit the desired properties for stiffness, compliancy, and bottom bracket reactivity. A 3rd layer of unidirectional 1k carbon fiber completes the process to provide additional vibration dampening, strength, durability, and a beautiful finish. Each Gothica takes more than 30 hours to produce.

The GOTHICA is designed to deliver reactivity, comfort, and high performance in a superbly beautiful package. 100% hand-made, featuring the highest grade of carbon fibre that, frankly, most builders do not choose to use as they pass off a lower grade of carbon on their customers, Cyfac offers a frame of uncompromised quality and style.

Frames are dynamic. As such, there should be some flexibility/movement to one because, when done correctly, this increases the reactivity of the frame, boosts efficiency, and improves performance. A rider who is on the wrong frame cannot elicit the dynamic nature of the frame correctly and will suffer a negative impact on performance/comfort/efficiency.

* T800H IM carbon fibre with 1K weave.
* Custom frames are completely lug-less and use Cyfac's hand-made custom production process.
* New exclusive Double-Stay 2 rear seat and chain stays.
* Internal brake cable routing.
* Replaceable derailleur hanger.
* Carbon Cages Included.
* Available for 650c-sized wheels.
* 100% Full-Carbon (including the drop-outs) sub-300 gram fork with integrated headset included.
* Cyfac's GOTHICA is 100% hand-made in La Fuye, France.
* For paint options, click here.

All KGS / Cyfac Gothica custom bicycles have unlimited options for finish and paint options. Email, call or Skype (kevingsaunders) us with your ideas and we can turn them into reality.


KGS / Cyfac Custom Bicycle CAD All KGS Custom Bicycles are designed around your true bicycle position. Our proprietary BalancePointâ„¢ Positioning System is only available in San Antonio, in person. Once we know exactly where the saddle and handlebars are to be located, we draw the entire bicycle in CAD and the frame drawing is sent to Parlee for fabrication. When the frame is completed, we can then build the bike to the drawing and it is perfect.

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