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An exercise in the beauty of simplicity, the Espresso is a superbly executed, perfectly balanced, classic road-racing machine that couples the unmatched ride quality of steel with the ultimate in lightweight design.

Specially selected Reynolds 853 tubing and lightweight Ritchey WCS carbon fork.
Intelligent geometry throughout the comprehensive run of sizes.
Not to be confused with “retro” steel bikes, the Espresso is feather light and race-ready!
2011 Espresso weight, 17.9 lbs



KGS bikes offers a proprietary BalancePoint™ positioning to find your true position on a bicycle. The positioning session is performed at KGS Bikes in San Antonio, takes about three hours and is priced at $375:

We can assist our remotely located clients who are confident in their bike measurements with Remote Position Optimization for $150:



Name on Frame$750

Additional Construction Options:

Unidirectional Lugs$425
Integrated Seatpost$300


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