Co-Motion Single Touring Bikes

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The Co-Motion Americano has established the standard for what a touring bike should be- an entirely new breed of bicycle that handles self-supported, transcontinental touring without even breaking a sweat. We’ve developed ideas from our unsurpassed tandem designs to increase touring load capacity and provide a level of rugged reliability unmatched by any other bicycle.

  • Dishless, symmetrically laced tandem rear wheel with a 145mm axle.
  • Super-tough, large diameter Reynolds 725 double-butted tubes
  • Fittings for three bottles, front and rear racks, everything you need for an extended, self-contained tour.


KGS bikes offers a proprietary BalancePoint™ positioning to find your true position on a bicycle. The positioning session is performed at KGS Bikes in San Antonio, takes about three hours and is priced at $375:

We can assist our remotely located clients who are confident in their bike measurements with Remote Position Optimization for $150:



Name on Frame$750

Additional Construction Options:

Unidirectional Lugs$425
Integrated Seatpost$300


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