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KGS Bikes designs custom bicycles. We do it well. In fact, we have developed a global following of people just like you who have learned exactly what a true custom bicycle is all about.

What separates us from other so called custom bike solutions? Good question. Since any custom bike can be designed to any setup, the position of the rider is one of the key things that separates us from the rest. Here is why.

Every other bike fitting system we have researched will allow a bike shop employee to sell a stock bike. The same system is used for both, so how is it possible that a custom bike will be "that" different? We have developed our BalancePoint™ positioning system over 25 years and use a blank canvas when we design your bike. The only things that matter are your comfort, power and efficiency. We obviously care about aesthetics and appearance, but we do that part after we find your true position, not before.

Once we know what your real position is, to the millimeter, we then accurately record that position using our cross hair lasers and a consistent measurement process that is repeatable and makes the data useful when we move to the CAD system. If the data cannot be trusted, we can't confidently design your bike! This data is used to draw the entire bike in CAD, including all the components. The frame builder then gets this drawing and uses it to build your frame.

You can choose frames from any of our trusted builders below and then choose, or let us help you choose, all the components. The result is your personal dream bike that should last over 20 years of hard use.

Do you need to come to San Antonio to get your position defined? Yes. It's worth it, however, because your bike will last so long, that the comfort gained from a little more effort on the front end will more than pay for itself.

Check the links below for our custom frame options, build services, details about our positioning and please feel free to contact us with any question. We are here to redefine the way you look at bicycling.



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