We stand by our products and services, and provide the following warranty:

1) The manufacturer's warranty is provided for all new parts and bicycles we sell.
2) For refurbished bicycle frames and parts, we provide a limited one-year warranty for manufacturing defects that show up during normal use. We don't provide a crash warranty, as that is beyond our scope. If a part has premature wear during the warranty period, we will inspect it and determine if a warranty replacement is necessary. We have the final say in these matters.
3) For parts that have a comfort guarantee, such as Fisik saddles and SOLE footbeds, the product must be returned to us within the period that the guarantee states. For instance, if a saddle has a 30 day comfort guarantee, one cannot return the saddle if more than 30 days have passed since the saddle was installed and left the store.
4) For fittings, we have a 30 day comfort guarantee. You must be satisfied with the fitting, or we will refund the full cost of the fitting. Parts sold to facilitate that fitting may be returned within 30 days if in like-new condition. Stocking fees may apply (10%) We may also replace stems we sell that prove to be the wrong size with a similar stem that is the correct size.
5) Bicycles we sell can be returned for adjustments for free, for life. We may not have the ability to adjust the bike while you wait, however, and if so, will do so as quickly as possible. We define adjustments as, derailleurs, brakes, and headset. If we find that other work needs to be done we will submit a proposal prior to doing any work.

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