Our Business Practices

Installing Cassette. Photo: Greg Harrison At KGS Bikes, we have one goal - to serve a client as a friend for life. We educate, empower, assist, and help our friends make informed decisions about all things related to bicycling. We stand by our products and services, and we always strive to do "the right thing".

The services we provide have been researched and tested and we feel they are the best available. We are not satisfied with the status quo, however, and we continually press our suppliers for better products and services. The bikes we sell are all very high quality, and we would actually ride any bike we sell, from the bottom to the top of the line. It is important for us to promote products that have a level of quality and performance that is good enough for us to be proud of if it were ours.

We take the experience of many years of racing, riding and fitting, and distill it into good, practical advice. Our clients rely on us to do the research so they can spend the limited time they have on the bike. This is the way we like it, too.

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