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Sailboat Racing

Sailboat racing started Kevin Saunders down the pathway to Industrial Design. He raced the Finn Olympic Class singlehanded sailboat full time from 1989-1991, and though based in Little Rock, AR, he sailed on both coasts and in Australia and New Zealand.

Kevin learned that the structural optimization of a sailboat that could produce 1/100 of a knot in boat speed was significant. The balance of the boat caused it to go fast or slow, steer easily or with difficulty and surf down waves or lumber like a bathtub.

At times, Kevin sailed the 15' boat in waves as large as 15' tall, and in winds up to 40 knots. This education was invaluable, particularly in instilling perseverance, as it took over two years for Kevin to beat Brian Ledbetter in a race. Brian was the US Olympian in the Finn.

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