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Design and Engineering

Kevin Saunders' design and engineering experience goes back to 1987. Kevin is not an engineer, but has worked with many aerospace, structures, systems and electrical engineers in his career as an industrial designer. While a nationally ranked Finn sailboat racer in the late 80's to early 90's, Kevin learned the importance of good structural engineering and the relationships of strength to weight. The Finn singlehanded Olympic sailboat is slow and the races are long, up to 3 hours. 1/100th of a knot of boatspeed is significant, so Kevin learned quickly what works and what doesn't.

Kevin successfully designed complex aircraft components, musical instrument upgrades, complex consumer goods and even carbon fiber bicycle parts. This background in design and manufacturing helps us tremendously in the assessment of new bicycle components and equipment. Many new entries to the market have great promise but critical flaws. It is our job to objectively assess each item and to only choose the best of the best for our valued clients. This is a never-ending process, and is one that we both respect and enjoy. We even find that some of our best product ideas come from our clients, who are just as excited about the latest and greatest products as we are!

A recent example of Kevin's design work is the KGS Bikes Coupled Travel Stem which improves our KGS/Zinn Travel Bike tremendously.

To sum up, we take great pains to seek out good design and execution, and our experience allows us to evaluate each product with an extremely detailed approach. The end result is a continuing improvement of offerings to our clients.

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