Bicycle Racing

Kevin Saunders began racing bikes in Dallas Texas, in 1982. He raced road and track bikes throughout the area, and earned a USCF Category 2 status in both road and track. Kevin raced locally in Criterium and Road races, plus entered the Human Powered Vehicle competition in 1983, held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He qualified for and attended the US National Track Championships in 1985, held in Indanapolis Indiana.

Kevin retired from full-time bicycle racing in 1987, to enter the investment banking field. He had also received injuries due to some racing crashes, and had trouble recovering properly to remain competitive.

Racing bikes was resumed in 2002, but chronic injuries made the transition tenuous. Kevin will still enter some races, but prefers to train with the racers and remain a "performance recreational cyclist" now that the bicycle store is taking so much time. Perhaps more time will be available in future years to do more bike racing, as people are able to do so into their later years.

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