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CAD and Tools. Photo: Greg Harrison Kevin Saunders has been riding bicycles since early childhood. In the late '60's, Kevin delivered newspapers by bicycle, and rode all over Amarillo, Texas. The bicycle was a means of transportation and freedom, and many bicycles were worn out during this period. The first "nice" bike was not purchased until college, as an 800 mile tour was planned immediately following graduation in 1982. Kevin was a Biology major at Westminster College in Fulton MO, and the pre-med curriculum was quite challenging. The Motobecane Grand Touring bike was a great way to relieve the pressure of studying and to train for the self-contained tour. A few highlights from that period were weekly trips to Columbia MO, which was a 60 mile round trip, to a fully loaded (72 lbs bike weight) ride to St. Louis to shake down the bike, panniers and gear. That day trip was 115 miles.

Bicycle racing began in Dallas Texas in 1983. Kevin began building up, modifying, buying and selling racing bikes at that time. By 1985 he was a Category 2 racer on the road and the track. Kevin qualified for the 1985 US National Track Championships in Indianapolis Indiana.

In 1986 Kevin moved to Little Rock Arkansas, and raced another couple of years before getting a "real job" in the finance industry. He quit racing, but continued to sell bikes and even coached a women's cycling team.

From 1987-1991, Kevin raced Olympic class Finn sailboats, and was ranked 11th in the nation. He learned an incredible amount of information regarding structures and the attention to detail required to make a racing machine go 1/100th of a knot faster.

Kevin had careers in aviation manufacturing, business consulting and still continues in industrial design, but bicycles always have been a passion and intense interest.

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