About KGS Bikes

1986 KGS Criterium Racing The roots of KGS Bikes began over 25 years ago when Kevin Saunders started racing bicycles in Dallas. Fresh out of college with a BA in Biology, Kevin was fanatical even then about bicycle fitting, comfort and efficiency. He rode on an 800 mile tour to celebrate graduation and then started racing under the watchful eye of Kevin Bucy, who at the time was the Texas State Road Champion.

The Path to Making Custom Bicycle Frames

Kevin raced bikes full-time for three years and was exposed to many different techniques and styles of riding. He made a humble living buying and selling used high-end road bicycles and progressed to USCF Category 2 on the road and the track. Experiments in fitting and the results of changes in form were ongoing. After Kevin moved to Little Rock Arkansas, one notable experiment involved saddle height location based on extremely high cadence. Kevin rode his track bike down steep hills, attaining well over 200 rpm to see what the "stretch reflex" did to help locate the highest possible saddle height without exceeding it. There was a relationship and even today a modified technique is used to locate saddle height on an individual basis.

As years passed and Kevin had different careers in finance, aircraft component design and manufacturing, Olympic Class sailboat racing and industrial design, the bicycle still had a presence. Kevin coached cyclists, studied fitting and continued to buy and sell high end bikes.

Making the Switch to High-End Custom Bicycles

By 2004, Kevin was selling enough used high end bicycles to consider a career change. He noticed that people over 40 had different expectations of a bicycle retailer and that these people could be served better by a store that focused on fitting and on the nicer bicycles. The concept was developed over a couple of years in collaboration with Kevin Bucy in Dallas, who had started White Rock cycles with this in mind. Kevin B was early to the market and had to revert to "traditional" bicycle retailing to survive, but the two Kevins thought the timing would be better now that Baby Boomers had gotten old enough to want really nice equipment and service.

In April 2006 the KGS Bikes San Antonio location was opened and the concept proved to be viable. We have grown to become the "go to" fitting studio and high end bicycle boutique in the world. Kevin B is now converting his store to his version of KGS Bikes in Dallas, and it will be the model for future franchises around the world. The concept of a total one-on-one service model combined with the best expertise in the industry and only top tier products has proven to be one that our clients appreciate, and it is only because of them that we have the good fortune to prosper.

What is a high end bicycle, anyway?

Debra's High End Guru The bicycle industry defines "high end" bikes as those which cost over $1,500. That said, KGS custom bicycles start at around $8,000 and range up to over $30,000. Why are they so much more expensive than the bicycle industry's definition? Read more about What is a high end bicycle, anyway?

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